10 Best-Looking & Coolest EVs (incl. Cute, Stylish + Badass!)

The EVs are appearing in droves, and they have a more attractive and futuristic appearance than their gasoline counterparts.

These best-looking electric cars are as beautiful and stylish as they can efficiently cover the miles on battery-only power.

Cool & Stylish EVs

#1 Polestar 2

polestar 2 best-looking EV

The brand may not be as popular as its more established Asian rivals or global EV manufacturers. Still, Polestar, co-owned by Volvo and Geely and specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles, made an impressive 2020 debut in the American market.

While the automaker’s first vehicle was the plug-in-hybrid Polestar 1 in a two-door coupe body, it is the 2021-released hatchback-bodied Polestar 2 that stood out, both in appearance and performance.

The stylish design with a commanding posture, accentuated by the slightly-elevated but wide body, is consistent with the Polestar 2’s impeccable mix of sharp handling and impressive brakes for sports-car levels of driving engagement.

As significantly, Polestar 2 is a formidable foe to the king-of-the-hill, the Tesla Model 3, offering a superb driving experience and upscale interior design for less.

It can transport its occupants as comfortably as it can go the distance of over 270 miles with the single-motor version; meanwhile, the dual-motor model sacrifices some range for stronger acceleration.

Although Polestar 2 is pricier than most entry-level EVs, it is arguably one of the best-looking mainstream electric cars, alongside some others on this list.

#2 Hyundai IONIQ 5

hyundai ioniq 5 beautiful EV

Although the IONIQ 5 doesn’t mark Hyundai’s first foray into the EV segment – that honor went to the Ioniq Electric hatchback – it is the Korean carmaker’s pioneering model born with an all-new fully-electric architecture.

Making its appearance in 2022 with a range of IONIQ models to follow, the IONIQ 5 is aesthetically more forward-looking than its Kona Electric sibling.

This retro-styled EV exudes an attention-grabbing cool vibe that many gasoline-turned-electric models lack, with its right-angled LED headlamps within the long rectangular headlight housing, front and rear, plus the elaborately detailed and aero-optimized fractal wheel design.

Like its electrified peers, the IONIQ 5 accelerates rapidly with the dual-motor powertrain and manages over 250 miles on a single charge with all-wheel drive.

Another cool feature is the IONIQ 5’s Snow mode in the AWD model (vs. the standard rear-wheel drive) which dulls the accelerator response to minimize wheel spin when setting off from a standstill.

It may not be the best-looking or coolest EV around, but it’s close on both accounts.

#3 Toyota bZ4X

toyota bZ4X cool EV

The leading Japanese car manufacturers ventured into the EV field later than their Korean counterparts.

Toyota released the 2023 bZ4X as their first mass-produced electric car, a compact SUV, and it packs a punch in the looks department.

Its angular design defines a futuristic and aggressive stance, with the narrow slit of headlights complementing the overall appearance that signals the automaker’s intent moving forward.

Available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, the bZ4X can achieve a segment-mediocre 250 miles of range when equipped with the FWD drivetrain and less still when four-wheel-powered.

Compared to the competition, it doesn’t set the world alight with its decent horsepower and uninspired acceleration.

But if you’re familiar with the smooth-riding RAV4 and wish for an electric version, the bZ4X is your answer.

Pretty & Cute-Looking EVs

#4 Mazda MX-30

mazda mx-30 stylish electric car

While some EV designs with an all-electric build from the ground up adopt a sportier attitude, others portray beauty differently.

Among current models with a fully-electric DNA, the Mazda MX-30 emerges as one of the most delightful and somewhat cute-looking EVs that will please female drivers and those who find an aggressive design less agreeable.

The MX-30’s smooth lines that flow from the rear end, terminating with a sharper, falcon-like headlight design at the front, stay true to the unique proportions of Mazda vehicles.

Compared to its contemporaries, the experience behind the wheel is where the MX-30 shines, delivering driving engagement with excellent steering, handling, and brakes that the marque is renowned for.

The Teslas carry driving refinement and curvy designs for a softer look like the MX-30, but they cost considerably more.

#5 MINI Hardtop 2-Door Electric

mini electric cute EV

The diminutive Mini Cooper has largely retained its form with minor tweaks over the generations.

Its unmistakable design, however, makes it hard to single out the electric version from most of its gasoline-powered siblings.

Still, the two-door Mini Electric is perfect for you if you’re looking for the cutest EV in small proportions for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.

The rounded ‘eyes’ at the head of a compact body will always turn heads, although convincing the crowd of its all-electric nature will require more than a passing gaze.

It’s fast and nimble while accelerating quickly due to its featherweight body.

It turns on a dime; just don’t expect it to match other EVs with its lackluster range.

#6 Chevrolet Bolt EV

chevy bolt pretty electric car

This mini electric car is one of the earliest on the scene, debuting in 2017 – only the Nissan Leaf appeared earlier.

The Chevy Bolt is a cute and pretty EV given the small dimensions, narrow headlights, and a short hood that stretches from the front-most point to the tip of the roof in a single swoosh, creating a rather large windshield resembling a focused turtle.

It has a relatively small cargo area and mediocre ride quality.

Still, its affordable price, compact body, and 200-plus range will appeal to most first-time budget EV buyers.

#7 Genesis GV60

genesis gv60 pretty EV

Besides being Kia’s parent company, Hyundai owns Genesis, the Korean manufacturer’s luxury arm.

Car buyers commonly associate luxury vehicles with German brands – BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz – plus the Asian heavyweights of Lexus (Toyota-owned) and, to a lesser degree, Acura (Honda-owned).

Although relatively new in the premium segment, Genesis has promptly established itself capable of rivaling the best in opulence, build quality, and driving refinement.

The new-for-2023 GV60 – the brand’s first EV – is the perfect example that Genesis can make classy and beautiful electric cars with a luxurious ride for the most discerning buyers.

The flowing curves and rounded edges on a compact form confer the EV a level of cuteness that lady drivers can relate to, with double-banded headlights that resemble the eye and eyebrow for a captivating look.

The elaborate rim design may seem to contradict the GV60’s smooth flowing lines, but combined, they give the EV a degree of sophistication that luxury car shoppers will appreciate.

Sporty & Badass-Looking EVs

#8 BMW iX

bmw iX badass looking EV

BMW vehicles prioritize driving refinement and an opulent ride, but they seldom stray far from the distinctive BMW ‘kidney’ grill between the headlights.

Kudos to the BMW designers because, despite the unmistakable front grill design, the BMW iX strikes an imposing, badass look for an EV, with the elongated cheese-grater grill and angular front bumper.

Love it or hate it, the iX EV won’t look out of place in Batman’s Gotham City.

Despite the midsize SUV body, it is surprisingly agile through corners, with the weight of batteries mounted low under the floor for a hunkered-down feel behind the wheel.

It has all the hallmarks of a badass EV inside out: futuristic exterior, cool-looking interior, plus an engaging and luxuriously quiet ride.

#9 Kia EV6

kia ev6 cool futuristic EV

Hyundai, Genesis, or Kia, the group has improved its economy-only perception by leaps and bounds, producing head-turning electric vehicles that the masses would be proud to own.

Forget the conventional-looking, two thousand dollars cheaper Niro EV; the Kia EV6 is an impeccable choice for a sporty and badass electric car.

The muscular form with an aggressive front-end design and elevated ride height between a hatchback and an SUV gives the EV6 a cool yet sturdy demeanor.

Driving the EV6 is massively fun, with a sportier suspension tuning than its stablemates and sharp steering for maximum driving engagement on the curvy backroad (rpd).

The EV6 is an easy car to drive despite the looks, however.

For a price near entry-level EVs, the Kia EV6 is a steal for an imposing, futuristic-looking electric car.

#10 Audi RS e-tron GT

audi rs e-tron gt sporty electric car

Sports machines have a sporty appearance with their low-slung posture, but relatively few sports car manufacturers have ventured into the EV market, except for some, like Audi.

While the casual observer can identify the RS e-tron’s design as distinctively Audi, its coupe-like four-door sedan body style has a magnificent stance and bold lines that give the EV an undeniably sporty image.

Like many Audi sports sedans and luxury coupes, the RS e-tron GT offers excellent ride comfort and a premium cabin to match the copious speed of the 600-plus horsepower electric motor.