Acura Vehicles with Apple CarPlay (6 Models: New & Used)

Newer infotainment systems that feature high-resolution touchscreen displays and support smartphone integrations like Apple CarPlay are essential for the convenience, entertainment, and optimal enjoyment of modern automobiles.

The Acura luxury cars and SUVs in this post have Apple CarPlay, either wireless or wired via a USB cable.


Do All Acuras Have Apple CarPlay & When Did They Get It?

The latest Acura vehicles have Apple CarPlay with the marque’s infotainment system.

Acura cars and SUVs started getting Apple CarPlay compatibility in 2018 and 2019, with the MDX SUV the first Acura to have that smartphone functionality.

Wireless smartphone charging and voice recognition are integral to the newer infotainment systems.

Check the corresponding table to see when each Acura model below has Apple CarPlay.

Meanwhile, Android smartphone users may find the Acuras with Android Auto post useful.

Acura Cars with Apple CarPlay

#1 Acura ILX

The ILX small luxury sedan left the Japanese automaker’s lineup at the end of 2022 after ten years in the US market.

Between 2019 and 2022, Acura ILX sedans had Apple CarPlay functionality, but only if you opted for the Premium or Technology package.

No Acura ILX has wireless Apple CarPlay, unfortunately.

Prospective buyers of other first-generation Acura ILX models from 2013 to 2018 must note that they did not have Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Model YearsApple CarPlayTrim Levels
2022 Acura ILXYesSelect trims.
2021 Acura ILXYesSelect trims.
2020 Acura ILXYesSelect trims.
2019 Acura ILXYesSelect trims.
2018 & earlierNo.None.

#2 Acura Integra

The last of the older Integra dates back decades, leaving behind a loyal following of speed seekers on a budget.

However, the Integra nameplate has returned for 2023 as a purely four-door hatchback rather than its previous two and four-door configurations.

Since its 2023 debut, all Acura Integra models have had Apple CarPlay integration as standard, but you get to enjoy wireless connectivity when opting for the higher-trim A-Spec with Technology package.

Besides wireless Apple CarPlay in the pricier Acura Integra models, you also get a larger infotainment system touchscreen.

Model YearsApple CarPlayTrim Levels
2023 Acura ILXYesStandard.

#3 Acura RLX & RLX Hybrid

Acura discontinued the RLX luxury full-size sedan after 2020.

Partly, it wasn’t bad news as, while the sedan had a strong engine and many standard features that undercut the competition, the RLX’s subpar ride quality cannot match rival models from Lexus, Genesis, or BMW.

Still, buyers looking for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto compatibility will find Acura RLX’s lack of such smartphone functionality the most notable drawback of 2014 to 2020 first-and-only generation models.

#4 Acura NSX

This powerful two-seat hybrid NSX sports coupe with all-wheel drive met its demise after 2022, not because it wasn’t a good product, but relatively high production costs and poor sales led Acura to pull the plug.

Buyers of any used second-generation Acura NSX made between 2017 and 2022 will find Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features.

Acura SUVs with Apple CarPlay

#5 Acura RDX

As a small luxury crossover, the RDX is a strong pick in the class, with sharp steering, a well-trimmed cabin, and a roomy interior for its size.

Buyers of 2019 and newer Acura MDX SUVs will find standard Apple CarPlay smartphone integration, although the models made in 2023 and beyond get upgraded wireless connectivity.

Unfortunately, all second-generation Acura RDX models from 2013 to 2018 did not support Apple CarPlay.

Model YearsApple CarPlayTrim Levels
2023 Acura RDXYesStandard.
2022 Acura RDXYesStandard.
2021 Acura RDXYesStandard.
2020 Acura RDXYesStandard.
2019 Acura RDXYesStandard.
2018 & earlierNo.None.

#6 Acura MDX

This midsize three-row SUV is Acura’s longest-running SUV. The latest iteration saw marked improvements in cabin appointment, ride comfort, and a generous list of technology features and driver aids.

While the 2018 to 2022 Acura MDX had Apple CarPlay as standard equipment, the 2023 and newer models gained wireless connectivity across the range.

Other third-gen Acura MDX SUVs from 2014 to 2017 did not support Apple CarPlay, so users would, sadly, need to rely on Bluetooth connectivity.

Model YearsApple CarPlayTrim Levels
2023 Acura MDXYesStandard.
2022 Acura MDXYesStandard.
(2021 hiatus)
2020 Acura MDXYesStandard.
2019 Acura MDXYesStandard.
2018 Acura MDXYesStandard.
2017 & earlierNo.None.

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