10 Car Rentals That Allow Travel to Mexico (+Location Info)

Most major car rentals allow customers to travel to Mexico with their vehicles when they rent from participating outlets and satisfy relevant requirements, including purchasing Mexico insurance.

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The 10 Car Rental Companies That Allow Border Crossing into Mexico

These car rental companies let their renters drive to Mexico, subject to limitations and availability:

  1. Alamo.
  2. Avis – must rent through a corporate account.
  3. Budget – must rent through a corporate account.
  4. Dollar.
  5. Enterprise.
  6. Fox.
  7. Hertz.
  8. National.
  9. Payless.
  10. Thrifty.

The Typical Requirements for Driving a US Rental Car to Mexico

Regardless of the car rental company, the requirements they typically impose on renters wanting to drive a rental car originating in the US into Mexico are:

  • Rent from participating locations in the States that border Mexico, namely California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
  • Purchase Mexico auto insurance from the pickup rental location.
  • Travel up to 250 miles south of the border.
  • Proof of US citizenship.
  • Car rental documents.
  • INM-issued entry permit.
  • No one-way rental to Mexico.

Unfortunately, US auto insurance is not valid in Mexico.

The 4 US States with Car Rentals That Allow Border Crossing into Mexico

Not all rental locations in these States permit customers to bring the rental car into Mexico, so you’ll need to check with the individual outlets for their latest terms.

California (& Its Points of Entry)

Californian CityPoints of Entry (West to East)Mexican CityNearest US Car Rentals *
San DiegoSan YsidroTijuanaInternational, E San Ysidro Blvd D., San Ysidro; Enterprise, Auto Park Pl.; Enterprise, Broadway, Chula Vista.; Avis, L St.; Budget, L St.; Rent a Car for Uber, Arizona St Ste A. (Plus plenty more in downtown San Diego)
San DiegoOtay MesaTijuanaAvis, Otay Pacific Dr.; Budget, Otay Pacific Dr.; Hertz, Otay Pacific Dr.; Mex Rent a Car, Cross Border Xpress CBX.
CalexicoCalexico WestMexicaliRent n’ Go, W Birch St.; Rent n’ Go, Main St.; Enterprise, Main St.(rpd); Hertz, Ford Dr.; Hertz, Airport Rd.; Avis, Airport Rd.; IV Car Rentals, Wake Ave.
CalexicoCalexico EastMexicali(Ditto)
AndradeAndradeLos Algodones(None)
Car rentals near the California-Mexico border.

* Always call the rental location to check border-crossing permissibility. Copy and paste “rental agency + location” into Google for the phone number.

The San Ysidro border crossing is the most used along the US-Mexico border.

Most major car rentals have locations in San Diego, so opting for the San Ysidro or Otay Mesa border crossing would be convenient.

The Calexico border crossing is another favorable option, with Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise branches in the nearby city of El Centro.

Arizona (& Its Points of Entry)

Arizonan CityPoints of Entry (West to East)Mexican CityNearest US Car Rentals *
San LuisSan LuisSan Luis Rio ColoradoEnterprise, E 32nd St Ste 168.; Enterprise, S 4th Ave.; Avis, S Pacific Ave.; Budget, S Pacific Ave. (Plus plenty more in downtown Phoenix)
LukevilleLukevilleSonoyta(Most of the car rentals listed below are in downtown Phoenix) Alamo, E Sky Harbor Cir S.; Avis, N Litchfield Rd.; Avis, E Sky Harbor Cir S.; Avis, N Scottsdale Rd.; Budget, E Van Buren St.; Budget, N 134th Dr.; Budget, Grand Ave.; Enterprise, W Van Buren St.; Enterprise, W Roosevelt Pkwy.; Enterprise, NW Grand Ave.(rpd); Enterprise, N 19th Ave.; Enterprise, E Cave Creek Rd.; Hertz, W Van Buren St.; Hertz, W Camelback Rd.; National, E Sky Harbor Cir S.; Nu Car Rentals, E Van Buren St.; Phoenix Car Rental, E McDowell Rd.; Sixt, E Thomas Rd.; Sixt, E Sky Harbor Cir S. (Plus many more)
SasabeSasabeSasabeAvis, W Ina Rd.; Avis, S Tucson Blvd.; Budget, E Valencia Rd Building 1.; Budget, E Tanque Verde Rd.; Budget, W Ina Rd Suite.; Budget, S Tucson Blvd.; Enterprise, N Oracle Rd.; Enterprise, N Thornydale Rd.; Enterprise, N Pinal Ave.; Hertz, W Ina Rd.; Hertz, E Speedway Blvd.
NacoNacoNacoEnterprise, E Fry Blvd.
DouglasDouglasAgua Prieta(Ditto)
Car rentals near the Arizona-Mexico border.

* Always call the rental location to check border-crossing permissibility. Copy and paste “rental agency + location” into Google for the phone number.

The San Luis and Nogales border crossings are the busiest in Arizona, so either option will give you the most car rental choices to drive into Mexico.

If you’re using the San Luis border crossing, rental cars are available near the Yuma International Airport and downtown Phoenix.

Meanwhile, several car rentals are available in Tucson for those using the Nogales border crossing.

New Mexico (& Its Points of Entry)

New Mexican CityPoints of Entry (West to East)Mexican CityNearest US Car Rentals *
Santa TeresaSanta TeresaSanta TeresaAvis, S Telshor Blvd.; Budget, S Telshor Blvd.; Enterprise, N Telshor Blvd.; Enterprise, S Valley Dr.; Hertz, E University Ave. (More car rentals in El Paso, TX)
Car rentals near the New Mexico-Mexico border.

* Always call the rental location to check border-crossing permissibility. Copy and paste “rental agency + location” into Google for the phone number.

Although both do not have car rentals in the immediate vicinity, the Santa Teresa border crossing is the preferred option over the Columbus one, with a few of the bigger-name car rentals in the city of Las Cruces.

Texas (& Its Points of Entry)

Texan CityPoints of Entry (West to East)Mexican CityNearest US Car Rentals *
El PasoEl PasoCentroAvis, N Mesa St.; Avis, Convair Rd.; Advantage, Convair Rd.; Budget, Convair Rd.; Dollar, Convair Rd.; Enterprise, Convair Rd.; Enterprise, Airway Blvd.; Enterprise, N Mesa St.; Enterprise, S Desert Blvd.; Enterprise, Montana Ave.; Enterprise, Dyer St.; Enterprise, Gtway Blvd.; Enterprise, N Zaragoza Rd.; Hertz, Convair Rd.; Hertz, Gateway Blvd.; National, Convair Rd.; Payless, Convair Rd.; Thrifty, Convair Rd. (These are at or near the El Paso Airport)
Del RioDel RioCiudad AcunaEnterprise, N Bedell Ave.
Eagle PassEagle PassZona CentroEnterprise, N Veterans Blvd.
LaredoLaredoNuevo LaredoAvis, Bob Bullock Loop.; Enterprise, Bob Bullock Loop.; Enterprise, E Saunders St.; Hertz, McPherson Rd.; National, Bob Bullock Loop.
RomaRomaCiudad Miguel Aleman(None)
Rio Grande CityRio Grande CityCiudad Camargo(None)
McAllen / HidalgoHidalgoReynosaAvis, S Shary Rd.; Avis, Bicentennial Blvd.; Budget, W Expy 83.; Dollar, S Bicentennial Blvd.; Hertz, W Expy 83.; Enterprise, E Expy 83.(rpd); National, S Bicentennial Blvd.; Payless, S Bicentennial Blvd.
WeslacoProgresoNuevo ProgresoEnterprise, N Texas Ave.; Avis, W Expy 83.
BrownsvilleBrownsvilleMatamorosAvis, Amelia Earhart Dr.; Budget, Amelia Earhart Dr.; Dollar, Amelia Earhart Dr.; Enterprise, Amelia Earhart Dr.; National, Amelia Earhart Dr.
Car rentals near the Texas-Mexico border.

* Always call the rental location to check border-crossing permissibility. Copy and paste “rental agency + location” into Google for the phone number.

The El Paso border crossing records the highest US-Mexico traffic in Texas, second only to the San Ysidro one in California nationally.

Led by Enterprise, the major car rentals have many branches in El Paso, so you have plenty to choose from.

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