15 Perfect SUVs with Easy Entry & Exit (Senior-Friendly)

For elderly drivers and passengers, a good car design means an easy vehicle for them to get in and get out of, among other considerations.

As newer models become more futuristic and sleek-looking, finding one that adequately accommodates seniors’ physical needs becomes more challenging and crucial.

The following cars are some of the easiest SUVs for seniors to slide in and out of, without too much ducking and stretching, categorized by size in the mainstream and luxury segments.

Easiest Extra-Small SUVs to Enter and Exit

#1 Kia Seltos

kia seltos easy suv to climb in and out for seniors

Kia – alongside its related corporate entity, Hyundai – has become the go-to choice for the best value-for-money vehicles and some of the most practical cars that cater to a broad audience.

Although it’s a relatively new extra-small crossover, the Kia Seltos made a great start in 2021, with a design that excites as much as it meets the needs of elderly users.

Driver access to the front seat is excellent due to the large door openings and easy-to-reach seat, making the Kia Seltos one of the easiest SUVs to get in and out of in the subcompact segment for older drivers and passengers.

The rear seats are similarly easily accessible, with squarish doorways and abundant foot room.

Kia Seltos is also one of several SUVs with great visibility for seniors and small crossovers that suit elderly drivers.

#2 Hyundai Kona

hyundai kona easiest car for seniors to enter and exit

While the Hyundai Kona is an extra-small crossover with a somewhat basic cabin appointment, it is one of the cars that are easy for the elderly to get in and out of with a natural step-in height.

The interior room is predictably adequate for a subcompact, but the relatively short doors open wide, enabling good access.

The rear seats are as easy to reach as the front ones.

#3 Volkswagen Taos

vw taos easy to enter and exit

Senior citizens after a handsome-looking subcompact SUV that allows easy entry and exit should consider the Volkswagen Taos.

Though it’s relatively new in the extra-small crossover class, the Taos is as practical as it is stylish for drivers of any age.

Its high-quality interior is effortlessly accessible through generous square door openings in the front and back and abundant passenger space – VW Taos is one of the larger subcompact SUVs.

Plus, the well-contoured seats aid support and comfort, ideal for longer trips.

#4 Kia Soul

kia soul easiest car for seniors to slide in and out

The Soul is another solid subcompact option from Kia and a thoroughly affordable and practical vehicle.

Its compactness and nimbleness is an advantage when maneuvering in tight spaces.

Crucially, the Kia Soul is one of the easiest cars to enter and exit, with an elevated seating position that is easy to reach for older occupants and large, squared-off doors.

Do not let the Soul’s diminutive dimensions fool you though, its interior is roomy in both rows, with plenty of cargo space for the occasional road trip.

Easiest Small SUVs to Enter and Exit

#5 Honda CR-V

honda crv easiest suv for seniors to enter and exit

If you’re shopping in the ultra-competitive small crossover class, know that the Honda CR-V – especially the latest gen – is probably the easiest SUV for seniors to enter and exit, with average-hip-height seats and tall door entryways.

As importantly, the doors open nearly 90 degrees for maximum convenience.

The new-for-2023 sixth-generation Honda CR-V is an improvement over the preceding models in spaciousness, ease of use, and outward visibility – although those after good used SUVs for retirees will find the older CR-Vs to also perform well in these aspects.

Not only does the CR-V score highly in practical metrics, it is also an impeccably safe SUV for seniors.

#6 Subaru Forester

subaru forester easy to enter and exit for older passengers

Buyers in the know choose Subarus for their standard all-wheel drive (AWD) for enhanced wet-weather traction.

However, the Subaru Forest compact crossover also comes with other qualities that appeal to seniors after an easy SUV to get in and out of, namely:

  • Tall and wide-opening front and rear doors.
  • Easy-to-reach seats without excessive stretching for average-height occupants.
  • Seats with a good amount of bolstering and lumbar support.
  • Square-shape cargo space for bulky items.

These pluses and standard AWD make the Subaru Forester a solid pick for drivers of all ages.

#7 Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4 easiest car for seniors to get in and get out

Depending on the model year you’re eyeing, the Toyota RAV4 is a relatively straightforward vehicle to climb in and out of for elderly drivers.

While the latest-gen Honda CR-V leads in the ease with which the passengers can access the cabin, the Toyota RAV4 is a close runner-up.

Front and rear-row entry are uncomplicated, with large door openings and convenient seat height, although the door sill could be slightly lower to facilitate step-in.

As the Toyota RAV4 is available with gasoline-only, hybrid, and plug-in-hybrid powertrains, buyers have multiple choices to suit their budget and power preference.

#8 Hyundai Tucson

hyundai tucson easy car to get in and get out for seniors

Despite the newest Hyundai Tucson’s aggressive styling, it is an incredibly easy SUV to get in and out of for seniors and the disabled, thanks to generous door openings and seats at natural heights for effortless sliding into.

Once inside, the cabin offers ample space in both rows and the large windscreen and slender pillars translate into excellent driver sightlines in all directions.

Just as crucially, the SUV comes with Hyundai’s class-leading warranty and an abundance of standard technology and safety features for the money.

#9 Kia Sorento

kia sorento easiest cars to get in and get out for seniors

If you want a value buy like the compact Hyundai Tucson but wish for a third row for increased seating capacity, the equally attractive Kia Sorento is your answer.

Particularly the fourth-gen, which debuted in 2021, the Kia Sorento offers excellent versatility with its roomy seats, commendable ride comfort, and a door-plus-seat design that aids uncomplicated entry and exit for the elderly and disabled.

The natural seat height and large door openings combine well for effortless climbing in and out.

#10 Jeep Cherokee

jeep cherokee easy suv to get in and get out for seniors

Though the latest Cherokee is a relatively dated design, the generous front door opening and low sill translate into an easy vehicle to step into and out of for the driver.

The rear doors open similarly wide, but the relatively shorter door entryway may require some ducking for taller passengers.

Other not-so-great Cherokee attributes shoppers should note include the SUV’s mediocre ride comfort compared to rivals, below-average fuel economy, and less-confident handling.

Easiest Midsize SUVs to Enter and Exit

#11 Ford Edge

ford edge easy suv for elderly to enter and exit

The larger midsize SUVs compared to the compact ones should mean finding a model that allows simple entry and exit relatively straightforward.

Still, the Ford Edge is one of the easier SUVs to step into for older passengers, largely thanks to its generous door openings and low floor.

Passenger and cargo space is a non-issue in the sizable Ford Edge.

However, outward visibility is somewhat problematic because of the steeply tilted windshield and thick pillars.

#12 Hyundai Santa Fe

hyundai santa fe easiest suv for elderly to enter and exit

Like its latest SUV stablemates, the midsize Hyundai Santa Fe makes another excellent SUV for senior drivers, with unhindered access front and rear.

All doors open widely, and the seats are at easy-to-reach heights.

Passengers get to experience a quiet and comfortable ride, thanks to Santa Fe’s excellent cabin insulations, soft suspension, and highly-adjustable seats.

#13 Chevrolet Blazer

chevy blazer easy suv for seniors to enter and exit

Senior shoppers after an American brand will be pleased with how easy it is to enter and exit the front and rear seats of the Chevy Blazer midsize SUV.

The cabin offers plenty of room all around, the flat and low sill means stepping in and out of the vehicle is straightforward.

That said, the Blazer’s sloping roofline, short windows, and somewhat thick pillars impede outward views – these SUVs with excellent visibility may be preferable.

Easiest Luxury SUVs to Enter and Exit

#14 Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class

mercedes glb easy luxury car for seniors to enter and exit

Retirees desiring an extra-small luxury SUV to commute in style will love the Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class, one of the German marque’s newest crossovers.

Besides sure-footed braking performance for a confidence-inspiring drive, the Mercedes-Benz GLB’s boxy form contributes to easy access and exit, particularly for older drivers and passengers.

The slightly-elevated ride height and tall door openings combine for an effortless enter-and-drive.

Plus, the cabin is incredibly roomy for its size.

The GLB sits between the smaller GLA and larger GLC – the latter is another excellent compact SUV for elderly drivers.

#15 BMW X3

bmw x3 easiest luxury suv for seniors to enter and exit

If a subcompact is a tad too small, a slightly larger crossover may be the better choice.

Step into the BMW X3 small luxury SUV, and you’ll find one of the easiest vehicles to enter and exit with minimal drama, especially for the elderly.

The large door openings, narrow sill, and abundant foot room contribute greatly to the ease with which to get into the X3.

Besides, the cabin is roomy and the tall glass all around affords excellent views in all directions – better than most SUVs.