Top 10 Compact & Sub-Compact SUVs for Seniors (2023 List)

The best small cars for seniors have traits favorable to older drivers looking for an easier vehicle to get into and one that promotes a safer drive.

With newer models tending to prioritize aerodynamically-driven designs with sloping roofs, the challenge is to find cars that still emphasize function over form, so that meeting practical needs remains front and center.

The following options are some of the best small SUVs for seniors, including extra-small ones, in the mainstream and luxury segments.

Best Sub-Compact SUVs for Seniors

#1 Kia Soul

kia soul subcompact car for elderly drivers

Few extra-small sports utility vehicles offer a bigger bang for the money than the diminutive Kia Soul – alongside its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Venue (the third entry on this list).

Not only is the Kia Soul crossover the least expensive among the latest models, with many standard features, but it also has front-running qualities that make it an excellent small SUV for seniors looking for a budget purchase.

It may be a subcompact, but the boxy exterior gives it a roomy interior and spacious cargo area.

Its squarish form naturally affords good-sized windows and promotes excellent outward visibility that many class competitors lack.

The Soul is a nimble vehicle, so city driving and maneuvering it in parking spaces are a breeze, relatively speaking.

This fuel-sipping crossover also comes with Kia’s class-leading warranty, making it a desirable value-for-money proposition that is hard to ignore.

#2 Hyundai Venue

hyundai venue subcompact suv for seniors

Like how the extra-small Kia Soul is big on value, the similar-size Venue from the corporate-related Hyundai brand is a solid alternative with similar qualities and an unbeatable price.

The slightly elevated ride height than conventional sedans and hatchbacks means the Venue is an easy vehicle to climb in and out of for older drivers and passengers given the squared-off doors.

Plus, the upright seatbacks give it spaciousness despite the SUV’s short length.

This inexpensive front-wheel-drive crossover is economical on gas, and it offers loads of amenities for the money, with standard features such as infotainment and navigation system and driver aids like traction control, lane-keep assist, and blind-spot warning system.

Older drivers need not worry about complicated dashboard controls as the simple layout keeps them easy to use.

#3 Volkswagen Taos

vw taos good small car for elderly

Since the German marque introduced its smallest crossover in 2022, the Taos has offered subcompact SUV buyers an incredible all-rounded option that drives as well as meets their practical needs.

Like most Volkswagens, the Taos exhibits a smooth German-like driving character and confident handling, a highlight for seniors after a solid smallish SUV from a European brand.

Cabin comfort and ride quality are excellent for the class, with well-contoured seats that offer good support for longer drives.

Crucially, the VW Taos’ squarish shape and upright stance work well for large windows and excellent outward views for the driver.

In terms of the ease with which to step in and out of the vehicle, the VW Taos is one of the best among its peers, with large door openings and suitably average elevated ride height.

#4 BMW X1

bmw x1 luxury small suv for seniors

While arch-rival Mercedes-Benz also has comparable models that are easy to drive and suitable for elderly drivers, the smallish BMW X1, with its favorable senior-friendly pluses, is a solid extra-small SUV for retirees in the premium space.

This subcompact rides and drives like most BMWs, with a healthy amount of grip, confidence-inspiring handling, and an easy-to-modulate brake pedal.

The X1’s boxy proportions allow straightforward access to the roomy cabin for older occupants.

Like any sports utility vehicle good for seniors, the BMW X1 is merely tall enough not to make stepping into the SUV a challenging endeavor.

Once in the driver’s seat, the good-sized windows and slender windshield pillars lend excellent outward visibility and relatively easier maneuvering in parking spaces.

The driver and passengers can look forward to generously-proportioned and well-padded seats in both rows.

Further, the all-wheel-drive system is handy for added traction in wet conditions.

#5 Volkswagen ID.4

vw ID4 small ev for seniors

Recent years have seen manufacturers rushing to introduce their challengers in the EV space, with many futuristic-looking models and designs that aren’t ideal for senior citizens.

Still, the Volkswagen ID.4 stands out as one of the few small electric SUVs that elderly drivers will find easy to slide in and out of and offers good visibility for a less strenuous drive.

While the spacious interior is a plus for getting comfortable for older occupants of most heights, the large, square door openings and a seat height that is perfect for effortless sliding into position are traits that seniors would appreciate.

It has 200-plus miles of all-electric range that nears 300 in less spirited drives, a commendable achievement considering the ID.4 is one of the largest models in the compact EV class.

Many safety features also come standard in the VW ID.4, so buyers will get their money’s worth with the EV’s sub-$40k starting price.

Best Compact SUVs for Seniors

#6 Honda CR-V

honda crv small car for seniors

Few compact crossovers have had long-running success globally as the Honda CR-V – or the Toyota RAV4 (later in this post).

The CR-V is the Japanese automaker’s best-selling SUV, a highly practical and dependable vehicle that appeals to older drivers as much as the younger crowd.

With six generations under its belt, the CR-V has consistently set the benchmark for the best-in-class in build quality, utility, and ease of use.

Alongside its famous Japanese counterpart (the RAV4), the Honda CR-V is arguably the best small SUV for seniors, with plenty of positives that elderly drivers would find helpful:

  • Generous door openings – an SUV that’s easy to slide in and out of.
  • Roomy cabin – loads of space to stretch the legs and get comfortable despite the CR-V being a small SUV.
  • Excellent outward visibility – besides the raised ride height, the large windows make it easy to see where you’re headed.
  • Strong fuel economy – retirees after more fuel savings can opt for the CR-V Hybrid.
  • Good ride comfort – smooth and quiet contribute to a less tiring drive.

Honda CR-Vs have earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)’s Top Safety Pick awards multiple times, so elderly drivers can have peace of mind knowing that they are driving one of the safest vehicles.

#7 Mazda CX-5

mazda cx-5 small car for retirees

Mazdas typically have above-average handling capability but reduced practicality for older drivers due to their sleek styling.

The compact CX-5, however, is more suitable, with tall windows and slender windshield pillars that contribute to mostly unimpeded views for the driver.

As this sporty entrant offers good visibility while maintaining the Japanese automaker’s hallmark communicative steering and sharp handling, the Mazda CX-5 makes an excellent small SUV for retirees desiring an athletic yet practical vehicle.

The well-shaped seats hold the body in place, and the firm but comfortable ride is complimentary of a quiet cabin that makes long journeys a pleasant experience.

Shoppers intending to regularly fill the second row with taller adults should note the CX-5’s tighter-than-average legroom in the back seats.

#8 Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4 good small suv for seniors

Toyota has long been the go-to manufacturer of reliable vehicles for generations.

As the carmaker’s best-selling crossover for decades, the compact Toyota RAV4 is the best small SUV for older drivers after an affordable, practical, and dependable everyday ride.

Due to the model’s track record for rock-solid reliability, it is also a solid option for a used SUV for seniors.

The RAV4’s many endearing qualities include:

  • Roomy interior – loads of space in both rows.
  • Easy entry and exit – big door openings.
  • Excellent sightlines – thanks to large all-around windows.
  • Straightforward-to-use technology features – the easy-to-read labels help.
  • Comfortable ride – like most Toyotas, it’s among the most comfortable small SUVs for elderly occupants.
  • Impeccable reliability – so seniors don’t need to worry about regular visits to the repair shop.

RAV4 has been one of the most fuel-efficient in the compact SUV class, but seniors wanting greater economy can opt for a RAV4 Hybrid (available since 2016) or a RAV Prime plug-in hybrid (available since 2021).

#9 Subaru Forester

subaru forester small car for older drivers

Reflexes may not be as lightning-quick in the golden years behind the wheel, and safety becomes a priority when operating a vehicle.

As such, an all-wheel-drive (AWD) car for enhanced traction when driving on rainy days is a smart choice for a safer commute.

Subaru has long been famous for its standard AWD models, and the Forester compact SUV is a solid pick for a small SUV suitable for older drivers.

Besides the enhanced grip in poor weather conditions, the Subaru Forester rides comfortably and the cabin controls have clear labels that are easy to operate.

With the SUV’s higher-than-average ground clearance that suits taller retirees, the Forester is the ideal SUV to travel to places most of its peers find challenging.

#10 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

mercedes glc luxury small suv for retirees

This German marque has several smallish models in its sports utility lineup, namely the GLA, GLB, and GLC – the earlier two are excellent subcompact luxury cars for senior citizens.

Still, the Mercedes-Benz GLC is one of the best small luxury SUVs for seniors, a benchmark for a competitive class with competing models from BMW, Audi, and Porsche.

Besides the solid construction, the Merc GLC expertly balances comfort and performance, making it an ideal daily car for older drivers.

It has an abundance of top-level cabin luxury, excellent fuel economy, and plenty of interior space that is straightforward for elderly drivers and passengers to access.

Seeing out of the GLC is relatively easy, thanks to slender roof pillars and generously-sized windows, a notable quality since most modern SUVs go for slicker styling that impedes outward visibility.

The Merc’s MBUX infotainment system is one of the best in class, with excellent functionality and ease of use, especially for elderly drivers.