Subaru Cars with Android Auto (9 Popular Models: Full List)

New infotainment systems feature high-resolution touchscreen displays and have Android Auto functionality, an essential feature for convenience and optimal enjoyment of modern cars.

The Subaru cars and SUVs in this post have Android Auto integration, either wireless or wired with a USB cable.


When Did Subaru Get Android Auto?

Subaru began equipping its vehicles with Android in 2018 and 2019, and most models had the integration as standard from the first year it became available.

Wireless smartphone charging and voice recognition are integral to the newer infotainment systems.

Check the corresponding table to see when each Subaru model below has Android Auto.

Meanwhile, users on Apple devices may find the post on Subarus with Apple CarPlay useful.

Subaru Cars with Android Auto

#1 Subaru Impreza (Sedan & Hatchback)

This compact car is available in sedan and hatchback body styles and has been an affordable all-wheel-drive small car for several generations.

Since 2017, Subaru Impreza has had Android Auto as a standard provision.

2016 and older Subaru Impreza models did not have Android Auto compatibility.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2022 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2021 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2020 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2019 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2018 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2017 Subaru ImprezaYesStandard.
2016 & earlierNo.None.

#2 Subaru Legacy

In a segment with dominant entrants like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, Subaru’s midsize sedan faces stiff competition to impress.

Subaru Legacy models from 2018 onwards have had standard Android Auto, joining its smaller stable mate, the Impreza, as the Japanese marque’s mainstream sedans with such an integration.

Subaru Legacy sedans manufactured in 2017 and earlier did not have Android Auto.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2022 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2021 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2020 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2019 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2018 Subaru LegacyYesStandard.
2017 & earlierNo.None.

#3 Subaru WRX & WRX STI

Based on the regular Impreza, the WRX has provided Subaru enthusiasts with a higher-performance sedan offering speedy acceleration and entertaining handling since 2015.

From 2019 onwards, the Subaru WRX and WRX STI have had Android Auto as standard equipment.

However, Subaru WRX models released in 2018 and earlier did not have Android Auto connectivity.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru WRXYesStandard.
2022 Subaru WRXYesStandard.
2021 Subaru WRXYesStandard.
2020 Subaru WRXYesStandard.
2019 Subaru WRXYesStandard.
2018 & earlierNo.None.

#4 Subaru BRZ

For under $30k brand-new, few entry-level sports coupes can offer as much thrill with rear-wheel drive at this price point as the Subaru BRZ.

Subaru BRZ coupes have had Android Auto integration as a standard provision since 2020; so is the navigation system.

2019 and older Subaru BRZ models did not have Android Auto compatibility.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru BRZYesStandard.
2022 Subaru BRZYesStandard.
2021 Subaru BRZYesStandard.
2020 Subaru BRZYesStandard.
2019 Subaru BRZYesSelect trims.
2018 Subaru BRZYesSelect trims.
2017 Subaru BRZNo.None.

Subaru SUVs with Android Auto

#5 Subaru Crosstrek & Crosstrek Plug-In Hybrid

This extra-small Subaru Crosstrek has been one of the better SUVs of the segment, with a spacious cabin and above-average off-road capability as its notable pluses.

2018 and newer Subaru Crosstrek SUVs have Android Auto integration as standard, while older models like the 2016 and 2017 models did not have such connectivity.

The Crosstrek hybrid, a returnee in 2019, had similar Android smartphone compatibility as the regular model.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2022 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2021 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2020 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2019 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2018 Subaru CrosstrekYesStandard.
2017 & earlierNo.None.

#6 Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is a strong pick in the compact SUV class with all-stars like Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V – both competitors have Android Auto.

2019 and newer Subaru Forester models have had Android Auto integration as a standard provision, although the connectivity has yet to go wireless.

Subaru Forester SUVs manufactured in 2018 or earlier did not have Android Auto.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru ForesterYesStandard.
2022 Subaru ForesterYesStandard.
2021 Subaru ForesterYesStandard.
2020 Subaru ForesterYesStandard.
2019 Subaru ForesterYesStandard.
2018 & earlierNo.None.

#7 Subaru Outback

This midsize two-row Subaru SUV has a roomy interior, good ride comfort, and AWD for enhanced wet-weather traction, like most stablemates.

Subaru Outback SUVs started having Android Auto integration as optional in 2018 and standard equipment from 2019 onwards.

The 2023 Subaru Outback was the first model with wireless Android Auto smartphone connectivity.

2017 and older Subaru Outback models did not have Android Auto.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru OutbackYesStandard.
2022 Subaru OutbackYesStandard.
2021 Subaru OutbackYesStandard.
2020 Subaru OutbackYesStandard.
2019 Subaru OutbackYesStandard.
2018 Subaru OutbackYesSelect trims.
2017 & earlierNo.None.

#8 Subaru Ascent

If you need the extra seats that the midsize Outback lacks, the three-row Ascent will be an excellent choice, with enhanced towing capacity and more room for road trips.

Subaru Ascent debuted in 2019 and has had standard Android Auto compatibility since.

2023 was the first year the Subaru Ascent had wireless Android Auto connectivity and the connectivity as a standard provision.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru AscentYesStandard.
2022 Subaru AscentYesStandard.
2021 Subaru AscentYesStandard.
2020 Subaru AscentYesStandard.
2019 Subaru AscentYesStandard.

Subaru Electric Vehicle with Android Auto

#9 Subaru Solterra

The Solterra is the Japanese automaker’s first EV.

Since debuting in 2023, the Subaru Solterra small electric SUV has had standard Android Auto integration.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 Subaru SolterraYesStandard.

Rival Makes & Models with Android Auto

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