Volkswagen Cars with Android Auto (11 Models: Full List)

Audio and multimedia infotainment systems featuring high-resolution touchscreen displays with Android Auto connectivity are essential to maximizing the ownership and enjoyment of modern vehicles.

The Volkswagen cars, SUVs, and electric vehicles in this post have Android Auto integration, either wireless or wired with a USB cable.


When Did Volkswagen Get Android Auto?

The latest releases of VW cars have Android Auto integration.

Most Volkswagen vehicles began getting Android Auto functionality in 2016, with the VW Golf and VW Tiguan among the earliest to have the smartphone integration as standard.

Wireless smartphone charging and voice recognition are integral to the newer infotainment systems.

Check the corresponding table to see when each Volkswagen model below has Android Auto.

Meanwhile, drivers on Apple devices may find the post on Volkswagens with Apple CarPlay useful.

Volkswagen Cars with Android Auto

#1 Volkswagen Golf

Although it’s no longer in production after 2021, the Golf hatchback remains a compelling purchase as a used car, with its excellent ride quality and versatile body.

Within the seventh-generation MK7’s model years, the 2017 to 2021 Volkswagen Golf hatchbacks had standard Android Auto, while the 2016 version had smartphone connectivity only in the upper trims.

All VW Golf GTI (the higher-performance variant of the regular Golf) from 2016 onwards have standard Android Auto.

2015 and older VW Golf did not have Android Auto.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2021 VW GolfYesStandard.
2020 VW GolfYesStandard.
2019 VW GolfYesStandard.
2018 VW GolfYesStandard.
2017 VW GolfYesStandard.
2016 VW GolfYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#2 Volkswagen Polo

Although the VW Polo isn’t available in the US, it’s a popular car sold globally, including in Europe.

Volkswagen has made Android Auto integration a standard provision for the Polo hatchback since 2021.

The 2016 to 2020 VW Polo had Android Auto, but only in the pricier trims, and was optional on the base model.

2015 and earlier VW Polo did not have Android Auto.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW PoloYesStandard.
2022 VW PoloYesStandard.
2021 VW PoloYesStandard.
2020 VW PoloYesSelect trims.
2019 VW PoloYesSelect trims.
2018 VW PoloYesSelect trims.
2017 VW PoloYesSelect trims.
2016 VW PoloYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#3 Volkswagen Beetle

The German carmaker ceased production of the iconic Beetle after 2019.

Android Auto was available in VW Beetle’s pricier trims from 2016 to 2019; older Beetles didn’t have smartphone connectivity.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2019 VW BeetleYesSelect trims.
2018 VW BeetleYesSelect trims.
2017 VW BeetleYesSelect trims.
2016 VW BeetleYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#4 Volkswagen Jetta

In a class with all-stars like Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, and Kia Forte – all with adaptive cruise control – the VW Jetta seems somewhat mediocre.

Still, VW Jetta has had standard Android Auto integration since 2019, with standard wireless connectivity from 2021 onwards.

VW Jetta models from 2016 to 2018 only had Android Auto in the higher trims, while 2015 and older versions had none.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW JettaYesStandard.
2022 VW JettaYesStandard.
2021 VW JettaYesStandard.
2020 VW JettaYesStandard.
2019 VW JettaYesStandard.
2018 VW JettaYesSelect trims.
2017 VW JettaYesSelect trims.
2016 VW JettaYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#5 Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat sedans from 2019 to 2022 had standard Android Auto integration.

Between 2016 and 2018, the VW Passat only had Android Auto smartphone connectivity in the pricier trims.

Unfortunately, 2022 marks this midsize car’s final model year in the United States.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2022 VW PassatYesStandard.
2021 VW PassatYesStandard.
2020 VW PassatYesStandard.
2019 VW PassatYesStandard.
2018 VW PassatYesSelect trims.
2017 VW PassatYesSelect trims.
2016 VW PassatYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#6 Volkswagen Arteon

This 2019 debutant is a unique large hatchback with sleek styling and sporty handling.

It debuted in 2019, and the VW Arteon has had standard Android Auto since, with the 2021 and newer models benefiting from wireless connectivity.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW ArteonYesStandard.
2022 VW ArteonYesStandard.
2021 VW ArteonYesStandard.
2020 VW ArteonYesStandard.
2019 VW ArteonYesStandard.

Volkswagen SUVs with Android Auto

#7 Volkswagen Taos

Android Auto functionality has been a standard provision for all Volkswagen Toas SUVs, regardless of the model year.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW TaosYesStandard.
2022 VW TaosYesStandard.

#8 Volkswagen Tiguan

This model stands out among compact SUVs with its three rows of seats.

Since 2017, VW Tiguan has had an infotainment system with a touch screen that supports smartphone integrations like Android Auto as standard equipment.

The 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan had Android Auto only in the pricier trims, while the 2015 and older ones had none.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2022 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2021 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2020 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2019 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2018 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2017 VW TiguanYesStandard.
2016 VW TiguanYesSelect trims.
2015 & earlierNo.None.

#9 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

This midsize SUV is a two-row version of the VW Atlas.

Volkswagen first released the Cross Sport SUV in 2020 with standard Android Auto, then upgraded to wireless connectivity from 2023 onwards.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW Atlas Cross SportYesStandard.
2022 VW Atlas Cross SportYesStandard.
2021 VW Atlas Cross SportYesStandard.
2020 VW Atlas Cross SportYesStandard.

#10 Volkswagen Atlas

This SUV is a three-row midsize, seating up to seven.

Since the VW Atlas debuted in 2018, it has had Android Auto smartphone integration as standard, and the SUV gained wireless connectivity in the upper trims in 2023.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW AtlasYesStandard.
2022 VW AtlasYesStandard.
2021 VW AtlasYesStandard.
2020 VW AtlasYesStandard.
2019 VW AtlasYesStandard.
2018 VW AtlasYesStandard.

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle with Android Auto

#11 Volkswagen ID.4

As the German marque’s pioneering electric SUV, all Volkswagen ID.4 models have had Android Auto integration since its 2021 debut.

VW ID.4 upgraded to wireless Android Auto connectivity as standard from 2023 onwards.

Model YearsAndroid AutoTrim Levels
2023 VW ID.4YesStandard.
2022 VW ID.4YesStandard.
2021 VW ID.4YesStandard.

Rival Makes & Models with Android Auto

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